Today’s Catch: Medium Format Color Slides from 1956

Today’s Catch:
100+ 6×6 Color Transparencies from the 1950s & 1960s
(Batch #20130302)


These great old color slides were the perfect addition to this archive. An unknown (but likely Belgian) photographer, they obviously had a good combination of skill, professional equipment & a good eye for composition. Virtually every slide was individually labeled with the date and place. There are many historic festivals in cities such as Binche and Lille. Some pastoral and landscape scenes from cities like Bruges, Ostende, Genk, Anderlecht and more. I hope to scan all of them soon.

Click this photo to check out the fine detail in these images


I really shouldn’t be buying as I have more than enough to be scanning already, but I couldn’t resist such a good lot and they do tick all the right boxes for me because they are high quality, early color that hasn’t faded much, historically significant, well labeled so it’s not just some random, unknown place like many of the images in this archive, the price was great at less than 10 cents per slide AND perhaps most importantly, they were sitting out in the sun and rain and needed to be rescued! (at least that’s what I tell myself.)

I’ll be removing each one from its dirty, cracked, glass mount, wiping it down and placing it in a Clear-File plastic sleeve after scanning.

Look for more scans from this batch (#20130302) coming soon.