Zurich 1935 – Batch #20130226

Zurich 1935 – Batch #2013022


Here’s  the latest edition to The Nurenberg Photographic Archive.

Batch #20130226
These pictures are from a vintage Kodak Envelope with 44 6×9 B&W negatives.
The photographer is unknown but possibly pictured in one or more of these pictures?
I bought this lot  from an online seller in Allauch, FRANCE

“Frau Ruegg, Zurich” is written on envelope – seller said they were from Zurich, 1935.

Subjects include:
Zurich, Switzerland, Europe, Lakes, Mountains, trains, playgrounds, landscapes, cooking, farming, people, hats, moustache, fashion, boats, ships, children, hotels and more…

There are a few magnificent old farming pictures like this one showing a family working on their farm.

Some nice images of a family posing in their fine fashions on the town.

Many images on the water with boats and scenes of fishermen fishing.

Some cool shots of families on swings and other “playground” type pictures.

And some really stunning landscape photographs which I’m assuming are from Switzerland.

They all came in this nifty vintage Kodak processing envelope:

Here’s the link to a little slideshow showing most of them.

Thanks for looking!

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