Billy’s Pictures from Israel 1978 – #0120

Batch #0120 ISRAEL 1978

Here’s a small batch of photos by my granddad William Nurenberg. A trip he took with his wife Isabel in 1978.

These are on Ektachrome 200 slide film and likely with his Nikkormat EL camera.


There’s some fairly cheesy but cute touristy pictures in this lot such as Isabel (or “Nanny” as we called her) on a donkey and a camel.

I think it’s important to preserve these type of images just as much as the more serious or documentary type pictures.


There are also some general views of the area…


A shot from the bus showing some soldiers near some kind of memorial sculpture perhaps?


As well as some really great aerial photos approaching Israel.



It must be interesting to see the skyline from more than 30 years ago for those who are familiar with it today.
Well, that’s about it for this batch. Keep checking back for more!

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