New additions from the Belgian Heritage batch 50s & 60s

Ten new Color photographs from the Mid-Century Belgian Heritage Collection

20130302-19570303-003 Genk Cottage 3s

© Nurenberg Photographic Archive #20130302-19570303-003
GENK Cottage 3/3/1957

While organizing stuff for our upcoming move, I took a bit of time to scan and title ten more images from this exciting batch. These include a pair of pastoral shots of a thatched-roof cottage in Genk and a beautiful color shot of some Genk marshland. I wonder what these areas look like now…

20130302-19570303-001 Genk Marshes 3/3/1957

© Nurenberg Photographic Archive #20130302-19570303-001
Genk Marshes 3/3/1957

There are also several images from a traditional procession in Kortrijk / Courtrai from 1960. These historic festivals are common all over Belgium and each town has their own special customs. The big one in our village of Mons is called the Doudou and dates from the 1300s! These images from Kortrijk depict several festivities around an event occurring on 5/29/1960.

20130302-19600529-006 Courtrai Procession 1960

© Nurenberg Photographic Archive #20130302-19600529-006
Kortrijk / Cortrai Procession, Belgium 5/29/1960

There are several more from this mysterious event and one from Montaigu as well.

Here’s a really nice one showing an artist painting in a Kortrijk courtyard. I wish I could see the painting…

20130302-19600529-011 Courtrai Painter 1960

© Nurenberg Photographic Archive #20130302-19600529-011
Kortrijk / Courtrai Painter, Belgium 5/29/1960

There’s also one nice shot from the Grand Place in Brussels, this goes along with some of the earlier shots I scanned from this lot.

20130302-19570300-007 Brussels Grand Place 1957

© Nurenberg Photographic Archive #20130302-19570300-007
Brussels Grand Place, Belgium “Maisons des Corporations – March 1957”

Here is a link to see the rest from this recent scanning session:

20130302-002-BXL flower market

There are more than 100 in this Belgian Heritage Batch so I’ll be scanning them and adding more in the coming months. All are 6×6 color transparencies which are not so common for this period.

Thanks for looking! ~ Lance