Magnificent Maryland Debs from the 1950s


Model: Beverly Ritter circa 1952

Yes Beverly, it’s true. I DID acquire a huge batch of old negatives from a Baltimore area photo studio portraying some gorgeous & glamorous gals from the 1950s.

Batch # 20130823 “Maryland Debs”  includes around 400 B&W negatives, all 4×5 in envelopes with the name of the subject written on each envelope.


Model: Lana Riley circa 1954

The seller stated these were from a Baltimore area photo studio and indeed they are very professionally shot. Some have touch-up painting on them as well as some small etching on the emulsion for sharpness of eyelashes and other features.

While some dates are stamped on the envelopes, they are mostly only Month and Day. Only a few have the years which span from 1949-1954. I’m still researching to find out who the photographer was.  Having all the names might help me locate some of subjects who would likely be in their 70s and 80s now since these were shot around 60 years ago. It would be great to let the families see these lovely pictures of their aging loved one when they were in their prime.


Model: Madeline Pappas circa 1954

I have several more of these scanned in the set you can see here:

And I’ll be scanning more in the weeks and months ahead, around 400 or more to go…

 They’ll all be added to that same set as I scan them.



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