Reading (and more) in Reading (and more.)


Batch #20130227 is a box of around 500 medium format B&W negatives plus some prints, color negs, 35mm, and photographic ephemera that seems to span from the 1930s through the 1960s

I bought this large box of photos from a seller in Reading, Pennsylvania, USA, but the photos aren’t all from that area. They seem to be the collected photos from a family that traveled to several places around the USA including New York and Florida.

Here are a couple scans from this batch. Click any image to view all my scans from this batch so far, but it’s just a teaser of all the great images in this collection.


Who doesn’t love a sexy librarian from Reading?


There are some “lovely” fashions from the boardwalk.


And some priceless family moments.

“Hey kid, go find your own toys to play with, Your crampin’ my style!”

You can see some more from this batch by clicking here. Enjoy!

Other subjects include:
Reading, PA, Pennsylvania, fishing, hunting, camping, swimming, swimsuits, beach, boardwalk, boats, Panama City FL?, New York City, Statue of Liberty, Washington DC, Lincoln Memorial, landscapes, mountains, snow, snowman, fashion , cars, farm animals, goats, cows, scouts scouting, trains, railroad, model trains, airplanes… (not all scanned yet.)


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