22 Tintypes from Gary Indiana 19th Century

22 Tintypes from Gary Indiana 19th Century.


I was recently lucky to win an eBay auction of these old tintypes.

Batch #20130910 – Gary Indiana Tintype Album

20130909 Tintype 17

This batch consists of 21 small tintypes taken from an album. Most are 3.5 x 2.25″ – No dates, but they appear to be circa late 1800s.
They are all portraits. Mostly of men, but some children, couples and families. The fashions are wonderful.

20130909 Tintype 16

The front page of the album has lock of hair & illegible name written on it.
I bought them from a seller in Prairieton, Indiana. USA

20130909 Tintype 18

The seller stated the album was from “Cory”, Indiana near Terre Haute but the writing on the album page looks more like “Gary” to me. She bought the album from a lady at her church with the last name Neal from Linton Indiana.
Unknown if the pictures are of from that family. The pictures were removed from deteriorating album and shipped to me with the front album page.


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