WmN-1978-05-Paris-11The Nurenberg Photographic Archive is simply devoted to the preservation of the photographic image.

My grandfather, William (Billy) Nurenberg, was a brilliant photographer who made wonderful images spanning the globe for seven decades. I have started this archive in his honor and hope to somehow preserve his memory and share his images along with the other images I collect for preservation and posterity.

If you have an interest in using or licensing any images from this archive please contact me beforehand.

– The William Nurenberg Collection is comprised of images photographed by William Nurenberg.

– The Lance Rothstein Collection is comprised of images photographed by me, Lance Aram Rothstein.

– The Isabel Collection (In honor of Mrs. Isabel Nurenberg) will be comprised of other images I have gathered over the years. Made mostly by (so far) unknown photographers. I am constantly buying boxes of old negatives, prints, and photo albums in an attempt to amass an important collection of photographs and protect these images from being lost forever.

If you see any image here that you have any information about, please contact me to let me know.

I believe there are a frightening number of images from the past that get thrown away or ruined every day, so this is my small mission to do what I can to preserve these windows into the past before they are closed. If you are interested in donating any old photographs, slides or negatives to the archive, please contact me for information.

– Lance Aram Rothstein